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Culture construction, health concerns development is very import for Olansi.

We encourage every OLANSI employees and customers, suppliers, colleagues to communicate and cooperate well.

We create comfortable, equality, and respect work environment for our employees, we create high quality products and service experience for our customers. We will make unremitting efforts to protect the environment of the society.

We continue to strive for excellence, to move towards a greater goal.



We never admit defeat Spiritual Attitude and overcomes all hardships and setbacks. We encourage employees to show their talent, continue to cultivate their self-recognition, Believe they can do the best category, which is the most advanced in the industry.


We attach importance to credit, training and cultural integrity for the staff. We do not live up to the trust of our customers, impartial, transparent, free competition and fair trade.


With good intention, focus on producing environmentally friendly home appliances, commitment to promoting the cause of development of the motherland and to improve water quality. Take care of customer service, patiently listen to them, understand their needs, provide them with accurate quality products and services as well as value-added solutions.


Power of creation is infinite, innovative is the first productivity enterprise. Olansi want to set an example for the industry, requiring employees to continue to the produce better product and better meet customer needs, develop ingenious new career, make efforts for the progress of the world.